Camouflaged - Poem by Eziudo Michael Nwachukwu

See you I saw whom I now no more know
I am made confused or had my mind been raped?
Last night I took home a damsel now what do I see?
A lanky ghost from a hunted graveyard from the
abandoned side
Beauty one may form but another can't fake

The you that meets the eyes casts a negating spell of
the inside
Conflict abodes in disagreement but this strives in
Deception lasts a moment after then we ask what?
Beauty is only skin deep yours is in layers
And so faster than fashion fades its disappearance
Colour rioting once lived with clothing but like
technology, it too has improved, have you seen yourself
Your eyes too have they gone colour blind?
Ain't, your mirror would work with them and the truth
won't deceive you

Brows like feathers curved, green veins and lashes like
Barbie's mermaid, yet pink lips completes the blogging
Ha, and on your supposed sexy face I see a nation's
national flag

I fear the power of the metamorphosed art of painting
Here I see beauties bought of money
And I see men in chase after beauties money can't buy
Like me, they shan't waste a pound on failing fading
Upon where I know cell consuming vector awaits its

Bought beauties are for the beasts, I'm not one
Stand up o camouflaged ogre and check the next door
Maybe them that desire art work may loan you a room

Poems by Eziudo Michael Nwachukwu

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