Corruption In Power - Poem by Eziudo Michael Nwachukwu

Like fish in the water we all are
Shall we deny drinking this sweet water
When I couldn't lie why then did I entwine myself
I enunciate in all I say that you misinterpret non
As we lay our beds so we all lie on them
We've all become victims of the thorns and norm

Let the honest ones show their pedantry
This weapon of mass destruction is epicene in nature
Greed is never associated with sex or tribe
And so its effect and produce and lessons
From outside evil fingers point
They play same game as we but with wisdom
But ours stink, even from a distance

We put him in charge, all guilty as charged yet cry of his
Together in corruption we all have membership
Knowing though it's a short cut to hell yet we profess
its lordship
And every nook and crany this termite has nibbled up
With the proclamation of our best antitermite we are
laughed at
As our conscious hypocrisy boomerangs
And our suicide mission brings death to face us
Yet we aren't tired of drinking this loving poison
We are addicted to eat even as it nibs us in the bud

Poems by Eziudo Michael Nwachukwu

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