Freedom Fare - Poem by Eziudo Michael Nwachukwu

It was dark and gloomy and hopeless
The nights came with scardyness
Ah! Ooh! Where do we go from here?
I look to see me in the middle of nowhere
Condemned to die till I am dead
And I cry for a saviour less I'm damned

My sins so heavy I can't bear it all
My robe stained, stinking and dull
I look out everyday for a help so near
A love unquantifiable for a helpless dear
Aaah! I hear a cry that quickens my heart
A saviour is born prophesied was it

All hail the king whose glories fly with wing
See me free, guiltless by his doing
Hallelujah! Hallelujah! ! Hallelujah! ! !
For a saviour I once cried now I'm saved

Poems by Eziudo Michael Nwachukwu

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