The Birth Day Angel - Poem by Judith Blatherwick

One day the Birth Day Angel
Paid a visit to this land.
A baby soul was ready and
Her future must be planned.

The Angel came with questions
That the baby soul had asked.
With finding perfect parents
The Angel had been tasked.

Will you fill her childhood up
With happiness and love?
Meet any misdemeanours
With a guiding velvet glove?

Will you give her lessons in
What's wrong and what is right?
Will you both come running when
The monsters come at night?

Will you shape her character
And help her find her goal?
Will you feed her every need
In body, mind and soul?

Will you calm and soothe her
When she's sad and she is low?
And when it's time to leave you
Will you gently let her go?

But when the world is too much
And she needs somewhere to hide,
Will your door be open
With you waiting there inside?

The Angel passed the notes on
From each parent interview.
This baby soul read through them
And decided to choose you.

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