My Happy Place - Poem by Judith Blatherwick

A field of bright red poppies.
With the warm sun on my face.
Stalks of swaying barley.
I am in my Happy Place.

The dappled light of woodland,
As I sit upon a rock.
The smell of moss and lilac,
As I quietly take stock.

The buzz of bees; a chorus
To the verses of the birds.
A song of daily business,
A poem without words.

My Happy Place is somewhere
That my mind can sit and rest.
It roamed through many others
Till it found where it liked best.

Close your eyes quite tightly,
And reach out with your mind.
Let it roam the landscape.
You've a Happy Place to find.

Perhaps it's in a sand dune
Where the salty air abounds.
Just out of sight, the sea shore,
With its rhythmic washing sounds.

Or high up in the mountains
With the snow still on their peaks.
The icy wind caressing,
Bringing colour to your cheeks.

Or sitting on a river bank
Where, when you were a child,
You sat and stared for hours
At the water running wild.

A Happy Place is special.
It belongs only to you.
No-one ever visits.
No-one ever passes through.

So when the world is painful,
And my cares too great to face,
I close my eyes and send my mind
Off to my Happy Place.

I can't stay there forever.
That's not what I want to do.
But it's nice sometimes to linger
For an hour; maybe two.

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