Just Living (A Speck) - Poem by Dexsta Ray

Every single, snowflake, is something different
Shown shapes
Made specific to the Father's will
'Signficance' is not for real
When it's in regards to life
Just the mention of it picks a proper 'shield'
To dark the Light in hearts and minds
Focused solely on Spirit
The culprit see a target sign on souls that glow with a vision
The goal was not to hold the values up
To capture what's regressing
Take that pad and make it mad
Just by channeling and
All the breathing have opinions though
That'd likely miss the soul
And don't allow it to control you and you're 'getting old'
Hating change
Stagnant matters
Forced upon the hope for low
Flakes of all the aims
In conjunction
With the function of it
Nothing's wrote for show
Even constants
Ain't a rule
What you started out upon
Stay and play it true
Silly, wielding such a notion
Living like a leaf
Jesus told His way before
He's the vine
We're the branches
Legions with the touch of potents
Man, forget the bait
Satan's stand is meant to hate
Sitting on my dinner plate
Skinned or alive
Won't discriminate
Or both types
No light, shines where the cold hype blinds
Never relevant to devil's kin
Ghostwrite time's
Finds of kindness
For the better fix
Fellowship with spirit
And to know light guides
But to own it is to
Dwell with Him
Fetters chip
You'll never slip...
Dark things drain power
And it stunt the
Hungry, if the devil came devouring
He better dip!
Flame showering
If darts rose up, souls feel a little stumped
Like a duck does, they better swim!
Flippers flip!
Lift the tittles
Rip the phonics
Skip around the molehills
Stick to faith
List the scripture's pages
Never live a rush
But, the contrary
Get in ranges
Near the Holy Spirit til' the end
I meant, with the Savior
Then you'll know stillness...
This for me
I don't do it to control realness
You become a speck by trying to lessen other soul's buildings
That ain't close dealings
Solely off your own feelings
Even though our roads
You expect a sole entrance...
We ain't both 'in it'
I be on my own business!
Mostly with a closed vision
Hoping Thee will grow christians

Poems by Dexsta Ray

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