To Storytellers - Poem by Judith Blatherwick

Tell me tales of lovely things,
Of things to lift my heart.
Tell me tales of kin and friends,
Of poetry and art.

Talk to me of all things good,
Then talk to me of more.
Talk to me of great romance,
And talk of ancient lore.

Draw me in with stories which
In olden days were told.
Sing me songs of warmth and spring,
To tide me through the cold.

Fill my mind with thoughts that glow,
With sunshine, stars and moons.
Lift me up with lovely words
Of ancient magic runes.

Fill my soul with tales of love,
Of mountains, earth and sea.
Let me know how beautiful
The world around can be.

Tell me tales of wondrous things,
Of marvels far and near.
To all you storytellers,
Tell your stories; I will hear.

Poems by Judith Blatherwick

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