Flying Into My Future - Poem by Dexsta Ray

Like a cannonball
Breaking the fortress
Embrace the future
And abandon all satanist forces
I paid a fortune for the portion of the branch with an answer
So what they say is like a check bounced
Null and void
Wrecked down
Dance with the panzer
Can I discover how I feel inside?
Sanding the slander
Don't let them cover up and steal your shine
Fielding signs
Ain't a need to heal my mind
To realize reality
Kill ties and apathy
Ain't no wonder
Ain't no muzzles
Hundred waters
Rush of love
And smothering
Just what succumbs
I ain't trying to crush a bulb
Capture the free
To freeze
Making videos of inspiration
If the spirit place me, hating sleaziness
I write with incorrect form, correctly
Stormed and manly
Flying by that beach and shore
Or the setting
See three in fervent prayer
I don't even care for confetti
And twenty one years old
My lightening style
Striking wiles
Since the constants bold
Really variables
I psych the mile
Parables are nice around
Biblical arrangements
Spiritual engagements
'Member when the rain hit? I like the sound
Sitting in the balcony
About to bring a cloud of smoke
Bound of nicotine
Venom to the system found to switch
Because it's sinning
If controlling any functions
Then it isn't healthy
Meant for helping but who didn't
Quickly left me getting bitten
How I'm drenched with prints of teeth
See you grinning as I bleed
Jesus keeps me safe
In and out the creepy lake
Demons made to represent the situations wrongly
Didn't enrobe me
Strong as stone be
Grown and then recalibrate
See and then avoid from all the points it didn't dart me
Afraid of what?
I shall go to where the Master say
For a purpose of His own
satan just'll have to wait
I'm a burden and a whole circus
Sent to aggravate
May disturb the hateful works
To bring a lantern's blaze, no matter's great...
And after late
Battered saints'll pray and shatter frays
From aged to latter day
And praise the faithful Master, yay!
More concerned with helping people than competing here
'Cause over there it is forever
Just a season here
On the surface of the earth is for the equaling
So if you learn the means of life
Have to keep them near!
The book of Genesis
I mention of beginnings in this wickedness
And keep your 'Christianness' although there's low affinity
On this globe...
And not too many souls have sympathy
We have to stay enrobed in the image shown in Timothy
Floating to my future and can't nothing stop me
The best thing to do is drop it
And get out the cockpit
That's where God sits
When you trust Him, failure's not an option
I already got it
I just came back to drop the knowledge
I don't envy carnal things because I have some boxes
Full of rocks and things I don't know
Plus God is watching it..
So ain't no robbing it
Spirit riches...
It's locked into existence propped by history of scripture
Rigid quality
And riddles, lots of venom in society to bridle speech

God bless the kind

Poems by Dexsta Ray

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