Begging For Life From The Womb Of A Pregnant Mother On An Abortion Table - Poem by NHIEN NGUYEN MD

'Mommy, please don't kill me
'I already have body and soul as given by God.
'I haven't yet speak or laugh
'But I'm already a human being.
'I am the image of God.
'My life began since my conception.
'My internal organs have developed.
'My heart beats began since I was three weeks old.
'Dear mommy, I'm innocent.
'If you don't want me, please give me to someone with their open arms for me.'


A pregnant woman was in a room waiting for abortion.
Her mind was ambivalent about if this was a right thing to do or not.
'Is this my child yet or still a human-to-be?
'Is this something needs to be preserved or to be destroyed at my will'?
The instruments were ready and waiting for her
with scissors and forceps,
anesthesia medication and suction machine...
On abortion table, so lonely was this mother.


'Mommy, plese don't kill me
'If you kill me, my life will be gone.
'I beg you to keep me alive.
'I beg you that I will have smiles on my lips.
'I beg you that I'm allowed to see the sun.
'I beg you to let me see your smiles when you hold me on your laps'.


Fortunately, this mother decided not to kill her baby
After watching her baby-in-the-womb by ultrasound images.
The mother bursted into heavy sobbings with rivers of tears running down on her face.
'Oh my God, I almost Kill my baby'
Full of regrets and guilts, she was so sorrowful.
In the hurry, she came off the abortion table,
She changed her clothes, and cried profusedly
holding her baby-in-her-womb.


Inspired during praying service for aborted pregnancies on 9/11/2015. The previous day Ms T. Doe decided to keep her pregnancy after watching images of her baby by ultra sounds techniques.

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