The Call (A Tribute To Joseph Campbell) - Poem by Barry Middleton

I heard it early in my life
it was oh so vague at first
it commanded to explore
it grew clearer with time
so I sought and dreamed
scanning a small universe

I have written on it often
it found me in a green forest
propped against an oak tree
reading and imagining more
and when I closed my eyes
I could almost see the way

the star-swirl caressed me
and I slept to find silence
fear was as great as the call
the push and the pull tore
tore at my heart and soul
till final confusion roared

I woke and was lost again
I slept and found in fantasy
the chimera in a nightmare
the demon that had to die
red eyed and vicious claw
a reflection in black water

the teachers came and went
pointing to odd cryptic visions
beckoning from the black hole
at the center of time's wheel
then student became teacher
the sound was a cymbal crash

so the journey was begun
foes and obstacles defeated
until a final challenge called
to step away from needing
to know that life is enough
is the mastery of the divine

still I trembled hesitant
there were stories to write
and wrongs to be set right
the loose ends of existence
needed tying to a neat bow
exhausted gods were let go

I learned that life is motion
life is like a horror movie
when you think it ending
the beast thought dead
will resurrect its awful head
to die upon your final sword

I stole the beast's treasure
I stripped away its vanity
and made escape at last
it was escape from future
it was escape from past
no evil can stop me now

so for me it comes to this
to be the voice in the wood
giving it a song and verse
knowing the how and why
what peace has come to me
the redemption in my word

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