Pride Of The Woman - Poem by Ufuoma Komiti

Nature accords her with pride from birth
Nature masks her womanliness from birth
But as time and tide have strived and thrived
So are her gorgeous features unveiled
But his are displayed from the word go.

From toddling, to infanthood, from the cups of teenage to
Adorable adolescence, her womanhood unfolds
What can constructively compare with her comeliness?
The hem of her feet to hair loom is humanity
Her femininity speaks volume of her select ability.

She's creatively and charily created by the Porter.
To bear the emotional encumbrance of procreation
For months carrying baby(s) in her womb and post-natal
That can be done only by the woman - it's her pride, and
When the child grows boorish, the woman's been wrongly treated.

The girl, lady, mother, woman
Is all-thing to the world of man
Let all give her the pride of place
And society will indeed be a better place,
Society will esteem the pride of the woman.

Poems by Ufuoma Komiti

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