Beloved: A Rose? - Poem by rajat ghosh

Oh my beloved, behold the beneath solid soil
Where the rusty roses fall after night's toil.
How beautiful and precious were in earlier night
When they're placed in our first flowerbed bright.
But look, how insignificant they're in today's morn
Lying with dog-ploded plates just before the thorn.

Look at the red rose that I gave you is also there
Lying prominently prominent among the garbage fair.
But let you think how important was it a night before
Since I offered it as love-emblame from heart's core,
And was placed in your lovely looking handsome hair
Before my memorable kissing of your rosy lips with care.

Oh how significant become insignificant in one night,
Oh how precious become inexpensive in one sun-day bright.
But beloved, you don't need to fear my obtuse observation
Since you're more than the red rose in my meaningless notion.
Be you sure of my ever spontaneous faithfully faithful love
That makes us unique in the entire realm of songs of love.

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