Uninhibited - Poem by Xavier Cervantes

I knew it, before that dawn, back then
In my mind, a lucid image of your face
In my ears, I kept hearing what your voice says
And that night would be without sleep again

With reticence, You entered through that gate
Just like you, walking earlier on that street
It was a night's farewell but you seemed to greet
I lacked the temerity to call it a date

You sang until it wasn't yet past two
Gently as I could, I did strum
Syncopated, I had my heart drum
Four-fourths, yet I didn't know when to give a cue

You laughed blissfully that December's evening
With the pines, by the lake; where day and night fountains dance
Unplanned yet uninhibited; deliberate not a happenstance
It was sure and real, not a mere wishful thinking

I still recall how that night began
From that moving open window, I saw you back
Immediately, I got off not to lose your track
I came gasping; short of air, towards you, I ran

Poems by Xavier Cervantes

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