What My Teachers Told Me - Poem by Ufuoma Komiti

Gracefully have I schooled in many ivory towers
Gracefully have I met diverse diligent teachers
From whom clays have refined into alluring vessels
Through pens and papers, chalks and boards and computer screens
Of yester years these pedagogues were like demigods
Conjuring real magic as acorns grew into oaks.

They told me many years ago: Your generation
Who pass through these citadels get morrow's ovation.
Some years back that was my oracle's divination
But the lack-lustre grey of our dear land and nation
Like the legend phoenix have held to the oration
Of the country's power wheel with dwarf education.

Now decades of years already gone by, these too old
Lilly-livered generals would not bow out in gold
Holding unto the sceptres of powerful foothold
In vicious balls, the deities are circling round stronghold
When we have declared they are all removed from the fold.

Had my educators years ago taught heresy?
No, it's handiwork of political bankruptcy
Soon words of my dear teachers shall be true prophecy
Then from little acorns sprout great oaks in ecstasy
And in seasons great oaks shall rest in excellency.

Poems by Ufuoma Komiti

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