A Non-Rhymed Story Of Love - Poem by rajat ghosh

Had I witnessed a black burning bright girl
With bubbles of water on her whole body crying
And seeking help to live perpetually for one
Whom she loved perhaps much more than Juliet,
The eternal heroine of Shakespeare, loved the
Eternal lover Romeo? I didn't know.

I witnessed such a burning girl who made herself
Burn for the sake of love, a love that couldn't be
understood by us.I asked, 'Why have you done this? '
The burning girl did comment, 'Why should I live
When my love alters when alteration finds? '
Too much love, my politic policeman mind understood.
But was it pathtic or full of ecstacy to suffer
In love? I didn't know.

The modern Juliet died before my enquiring eyes.
Cryings were all around and consolations rained.
There was someone telling others, 'How non-sense
It is to die burning for love? A sheer madness'.
But did I realize then about ideal selfless pure
Love when my notebook did note? I didn't know.

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