A Real Day Dream - Poem by rajat ghosh

Oh how beautiful you are my dear darling
When I first see you in spring morning.
You are at beneath big banyan tree
Where the first flush of sunrays're free.
I see you with careful eye and your lips
Seem to tell me to go beyond that cliffs.

I am perhaps too ready to oppose your proposal.
I catch you lightly and start fly for celestial.
My Stpheanean mind goes there with a second
You are to guide me to that Utopian untrodened.
Now I am with you, forgetting who and what I am
And do faintly feel I am not now a living human or lamb.

I am pleased to see that wondrous social sight
Where the littles're not in forced painful plight,
where the hungery babies're not crying for food,
Where honesty does'nt pay blood for doing good,
Where one can live as freely as invisible air
And can choose freely one's own lifelong pair.

I secretly see the melodious maidens merrily moving
Who're as beautiful and colourful as butterfly flying,
Who're not spoiled here and there like the sick-roses,
Who possess pure passion and are'nt guided by X causes,
Who're like angels with the everlasting eternal beauty
And can only raise a sense of the pure, pious piety.

I then try to travel the truely tender taintlees nature
where no one but me and my beloved to beauty capture.
When we both reach beside the pollutionless long lake,
I hear someone, 'What're you thinking for whose sake? '
I realize then that I have lost my beloved for ever
As the Cuckoo before me starts flying due to fear!

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