A Flaunter - Poem by Robert Murray Smith

A flaunter she be
pretty dresses tresses,
face, body; dressed
to impress.

A flaunter, he be
handsome to some,
maybe to mum.
Muscled, tatts,
errect, extra cool.

Smart of mind in
their mind, saunters

Monied, more assets
except one, this flooster
a booster rooster.

She arty tarty, flaunter
supremo, emo taste, flaunts
you know what, extra arty
in your face.

Professional flaunter, flaunts
arcane practices, smart they be,
affected manner.

Religious flaunters, flaunt
myths only they have the key
to. Smile benignly, knowingly,
that only they will eternally,
be, but not you, or me.

Poems by Robert Murray Smith

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