Masquerade- [ Opus I / I I ]... - Poem by Frank James Ryan Jr (FjR)

திருக்குறள் -THIRUKKURAL
அதிகாரம் 20 - பயனில சொல்லாமை
20/07. நயன்இல சொல்லினும் சொல்லுக; சான்றோர்
பயன்இல சொல்லாமை நன்று.

20/07. Nayanila sollinum solluga; saandror
Payanila sollaamai nandru.

20/07. Great men can even tell any unlawful words,
But not silly words, by that they will get benefits.
Son: Father what is the difference between
Unlawful words and silly words.

Father: "You can walk on the road, "
They're unlawful words,
For, on platform only one should walk,
This unlawful word, they can even talk.

But not "You're a bloody fool, "
As such silly words will,
Certainly cause a wound
When one hears these words.

Even Unlawful words
They can't express,
And any wounding words
Shouldn't affect persons.

(Note: There may be infringements
On platforms and so if a wise man
Says "walk on the road" it is unlawful,
This must be the intention of this couplet, I presume.
Readers can give better examples, I request.)
20/08. அரும்பயன் ஆயும் அறிவினார் சொல்லார்
பெரும்பயன் இல்லாத சொல்.

20/08. Arumpayan aayum arrivinaar sollaar
Perumpayan illaadha soll.

20/08. A wise man, who study the depth of rare things,
Will never say words which are not beneficial to anyone.
Son: What other things a wise man can say?

Father: A wise man is a wise man.
He'll not wound anyone.
He often sees everyone
As he sees himself within.

He knows the weight
Of each word, in that
What word is apt
The same he uses it.

But we rarely find one
Such wise person
With a kind voice,
By God's grace.
20/09. பொருள்தீர்ந்த பொச்சாந்தும் சொல்லார் மருள்தீர்ந்த
மாசறு காட்சி யவர்.

20/09. Porulltheertha pochaandhum sollaar marulltheerththa
Maasaru kaatchi yavar.

20/09. A blameless person, who has become wise,
Will not talk useless words even by loss of memory.
Son: How a blameless wise man will talk?

Father: They talk with anyone,
Not with a rough tone,
But with words so sweet,
That touches one's heart.

Particularly when mothers
Use more sweet words,
Their children positively
Respond very quickly.

Speak with others wisely.
Talk with them kindly.
Avoid words silly.
They'll smile really.

Note: Each word has its own life.
They cry when their body is cut.
Yet we use words like Won't, Don't Can't, etc.,
Also in mobile we cut words like You = U, You are = YR
Your = Ur, Are = R, Thanks = Thnx, and so on.
20/10. சொல்லுக சொல்லின் பயனுடைய; சொல்லற்க
சொல்லின் பயனின் சொல்.

20/10. Solluga sollin payanudaiya; sollarrkka
Sollin payanin soll.

20/10. Say only useful words useful for self and others.
Or else, speak not all useless words.
Son: Papa, is it not good to speak useful words always?

Father, Yes my son, you're correct.
Words those are so sweet
Will change one's heart,
Which is what all want.

Words which are useless
Shouldn't be in the pages,
Of world dictionaries,
Even by any chance.

Can we see a world of smiles?
Can we touch a world of wise?
Can we hear a world of sweet words?
Can we smell a world of sweet aromas?
Can we speak to a world of happy people?

With no violent screams,
These are my good dreams,
To mark their fine results
Of my real expectations? ? ?

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