'The Conditioned Mind', Poet - Poemhunters.Com - Poem by Robert Murray Smith

Mind pulsated cell
by cell can't tell.

Poems inflows,
twenty-four seven,
from 'heaven' to

Poem appears in print,
an imprint in mind
like Pavlov's dog.

That's stage one
of mind not aware,

Stage two is the
point's system
inflicts conditioned
mind anew, beware.

Stage three are emails
messaging minds, now
conditioned thrice.

Stage four likes, or
unlikes become minds
conditioned one plus

Now conditoned the
mind pens, on and on
to infinity.

Poets addicted are
inflicted by the mind
lighted with endorphins
self inflicted.

They say they must pen
so does a hen pecking
when addicted.

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