Animals Lives Matter Too! { Protection From Cruelty To Animals } - Poem by Frank James Ryan Jr (FjR)

I have two cats, tho' I swore I'd never have
until my daughter took me to a local shelter.
I'm not a very passionate person per se,
or one to wear emotions on my cheekbones.

But, What I saw there grasped a hold of me,
then traveled to the chambers of my Heart,
finally settling in the cockles of my stomach,
where it turned and churned like old sour milk.

The shelter claimed they had an overflow-
of dogs and cats, especially newborn kittens.
I could not comprehend that their conditions
were any better than if homeless, stray or lost.

My daughter had her eyes on this one kitten;
black and white Maine Coon with a look of fear;
shaking, bones exposed yet still trying her best
to get a morsel of food the grown had hoarded.

Enough! I said to my daughter, let's go home,
but you see like me, my daughter rarely balks-
when it all comes down to principle and needs.
To free this kitten was indeed of principle;
to bring the kitten home was her NO-BALK need!

A week later, with a well fed, hapless kitten,
my daughter took me back to the same shelter.
She pointed out another Maine Coon Kitten
that turned out to be our kittens blood sister.

How shrewd I thought, like Father, like daughter;
She knew I'd never go for two at in one day,
so there I was looking down at the mirror frown
of the kitten we'd brought home a week ago.

Do I really need to say what the outcome was?
You should have seen their faces as they re-bonded;
There are so many more in so many shelters, hoping.
I have two cats, and I swear I'd have it no other way.

____________AUTHOR'S PLEA_____________

Cruelty of any animal is beyond egregious, IMO.
The shelters are truly very over-populated, and
most do their best with the materials & supplies
that the government & donations will afford them.
Protecting helpless creatures from harm and death
should be at worst a consideration for everyone
who honestly are in a position to either adopt or
contribute to any of the following associations as
well as others...Google them up & choose one you
may be familiar with or close by to where you live.
Thank You for reading the above true story, and for
giving serious consideration to this cause....FjR

The APA Adoption Center

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals -

American Humane Association

Frank James Ryan Jr...FjR

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