A Simple But Impassioned Love Poem... - Poem by Frank James Ryan Jr (FjR)

The words fall short
Expression uneasy
Expectations heighten
Then I lay down my pen

As, there be no words
to describe my love,
how much I adore you,
need you, require you.

So, instead of resorting
to explosive expression,
that will still fall short
of what its like,
whenever I'm with you...
let me simply say,

You're my love, my Heart, my peace,
the incarnate of my every dream.
You're every single fantasy
that satisfies my yen.
Every time I see your face
my love for you burns deeper,
deeper...and deeper yet.

For, you are my love, my desire,
I will cherish you forever, and-
I will never let you go,
for to lose you-
would be to lose myself.

Trust in me, now, take my hand,
and I will always be by your side
'til the earth become my final stead,
and then until we meet again,
where forever, together we'll be as one
forevermore...yes, you and me.

~For The One That Be You ~


Poems by Frank James Ryan Jr (FjR)

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