What Love Teaches You - Poem by Sister Frances

The day I found out while I carried you,
I studied baby books, and thought of school
Envisioned big birthday parties, playgroups
All consumed by the things we would do

The day you were born, early unexpected
The crying, the nursing, it was far from the norm
The sleepless nights, the anxiety you felt
A mother's intuition, you just couldn't conform

And as you grew and milestones weren't met
Speech was delayed and only five things you ate
Loud sounds, the kids' parties ended in tears
Shopping malls, crowds you'd hate for years

You had your special interests your passions
You researched them, you loved quiet play
You were so clever and remembered things
I gave you the space to do things your way

Five years passed, and a new brother for you
I picked up his similarities it wasn't all new
I was far wiser in things I would do
Life can't be planned, that's what love teaches you

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