A Song For My Lost One - Poem by Rajat Ghosh

I have lost you on this day when I was eight,
Every Spring brings this day to renew memory light.
All days run in rapid race through works to cover,
But today's morn is dedicated to pluck the flower.

I clean carefully your smiling fixed, framed, faded face,
I wreathe and decorate flowers faithfully with lace
And incenses' aroma alters room's time and space,
And light memory is enlightened with memory fresh.

My memory reminds today how you loved me carefully,
How your tender beating brought elfish naughtiness holy,
How your perfect protection prevented perils to play fouls
And how selfish I'm to provide only one day's short renewals.

Time had cut the cord carelessly between you and me,
And I today try to tightly knot the torn lace in mournful glee.
But I fear Time, my friend, for your powerful invisible hand
That may force me to abandon you for my new love band.

Time.... Time.....it is only the Time that is only fruitful for me,
Time'll force you to fade, in inverse carry me close to death sea.
You had crossed Lethe and I am to wait here at bank for bargee
Who would help me crossing river to visit your region gloomy.

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