I'm Not A Smart Man - Poem by Judith Blatherwick

(A reworking of I'm Not a Smart Man by The Crow)

I think that it is obvious
That I'm not a smart man.
But I really do consider
Myself a smart man fan.

A smart man is poetic.
He dares to bare his heart.
He shows his deepest feelings
In pursuit of this great art.

A smart man can write pictures
And then place them in my mind.
A smart man is a rare thing.
They are difficult to find.

Women want a smart man
To call their very own.
In the minds of smart men
Fun and love and dreams are grown.

No, I am not a smart man.
That's impossible for me.
But I hope I'm a smart woman.
That is what I want to be.

Poems by Judith Blatherwick

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