'Ablekuman'! - Poem by Edward Kofi Louis

'Ablekuman'! 'Ablekuman'! ! 'Ablekuman'! ! !
The land of the dead in times like this;
Oh! Why kill my friends?

It took two to expose your nakedness!
Killing them in cold blood;
Your sins have now reached the heavens,
Oh! 'Ablekuman'.

You killed most of the people who bought a land piece from you,
Because it has been your games for years!
Now, your cup is full.

Without a note to the President,
Killing 'Kweku Ninja' and his friend called 'Jerry';
Off lives,
Seen in 'Ablekuman'.

Cold Blood! !
You murdered these people;
Murder she wrote,
And, murder he wrote.

Year after year,
I wonder how you do sleep in your land!
After murdering people.
Is it a peaceful sleep?

Many churches are built around you,
In your land;
You still go to church services,
Oh! 'Ablekuman'.

Can'tyou hear the dead crying? !
It is very sad;
Adding 'Kweku Ninja' and 'Jerry' to your list,
Gone are my two best friends,
'Ablekuman'! 'Ablekuman'! ! 'Ablekuman'! ! !

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