The Animal State - Poem by Muzahidul Reza

No earthquake, no thunder, no volcanic eruption
Or even there was no any of natural calamities,
A sudden loud sound broke out all through the bush
With whizzing, shuddering, cracking, tearing, echoing,
Fear, horror, dark, terror, misery and ill spirits spread
Committing destruction, death in a horrible situation,
Dust, dirt, smoke coiled over the whole atmosphere
The harmless animals are quite perplexed, helpless
They began crying, shouting, running, rushing, fainting
Seeing reddish spots and innumerable torn bodies,

They blamed one another for committing the crime,
Brawling, harming, plotting hardened in them
A long conflict complicated and awful tangled,
Loosing the worms of crime, injustice and corruption,
The virtues sunk and the vices rose everywhere
Envious state of barbarism, terrorism inflicted on them
The poor animals lost peace and principles they had
Centuries curse engulfed all what was out of thought,

Ferocious animals are in the neighbouring big forest
They always wait for chances on the helpless ones,
They do not care for hesitating in violating terms
Committing all sorts of hyenas and monstrous harms,
They know how and when to cook poisonous broth
And how to throw an unseen net to catch the rest,

Once some cats were quarrelling nearby the bush
Some wild dogs of the big forest made an instant rush,
For repeated barking mewing was beyond of hearing
Foxes and monkeys also joined within a quick haste
Crows, kites and vultures started crowing for the feast
What more, rats and mice left the bush being frightened
Dreadful tumult, commotion, collision, conflict took place
At the arrival of buffalos, deer, bears, wolfs and hyenas,

But with the unexpected appearance of lions and tigers
All the surroundings became instant silent and isolated
All went away murmuring without a single looking back,
The victorious were excited having got all easy victory
But they found troubles to enjoy the whole empire lonely
So there were roaring, shouting, blustering, threatening
Of occupying empire, power, lordship and over lordship
‘Might is right' established in the ruleless bestial state.

Poems by Muzahidul Reza

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