A Funny Old Word - Poem by Robert Murray Smith

Time is a funny old word
we hear often.

Have you ever thought about

This four letter word has
been around a long time.

We are always short of time.

Now, to ameliorate your plight
listen to me.

Abolish the word so it's never
in mind.

The reason for this is there is
no such concept.

Before the Big Bang there was
a time behinds time, nothing.

Then there was no time, but
shooting onwards, outwards,
and behind.

No time enfolded itself in no
time at all.

So, don't be clocked by time
as there never ever was the

The present, past and future
are never seen as you only exist
in a continuuim of space.

If I am wrong, show me the past,
future and present.

Toss out timepieces and pinpoint
time by following dark, light
and the seasons.

Poems by Robert Murray Smith

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