Itchy Feet - Poem by Laurie Van der Hart

Where are they going?
One hundred feet scurrying
All over my orange dome racing
Faster than the fingers playing
Flight of the Bumble Bees

A giant ant with sticky feet like the stamens of a flower
Look like boots too big for his delicate legs
But take him effortlessly up to the apex
And over
Where is he going? What is he searching?
On this barren half-globe
That is where it should not be
There's no food to eat - you'll see
It's no place for a home
For I will crush it without a thought
When I pack up and go

The morning light casts big ant-like shadows
All over my hexagonal house
And crickets, and spiders
And bugs - I see them all
Moving in their own way
They can't hurt me
Or make me itch
For I'm in
And they are

One hundred and two itchy feet
Going somewhere on this barren globe
We don't know why
Looking for something, over here, over there
We don't know what
One hundred and two itchy feet
Roaming around
Just going.

(Camping in a small tent, December 1999, Mombasa, Kenya)

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