Thoughts At The Riverside - Poem by Laurie Van der Hart

Swiftly sweeping
Nosing its way
Like an adamant puppy
In a pile of leaves
Parting the green slopes
Dotted with freshly greening willows and planes
And the contented giggles of roly-polying children

Further up it's wide, still and reflecting
Just then it begins to push forth inspired
Rushing past in front of me
Hastening to the next bend
Taking with it all that is willing to let go
Everything ready to release its hold
On the secure and unmoving, unadventurous bank

My thoughts are brushed and gently
Pulled by the water
They cling to the bank, to the known,
Reluctant to take the risk
But the water is cool
It is soothing
It is enticing
It is coaxing

I let go of my thoughts
And let them float towards the bend
And the next
And down, under the arches of a bridge
And away
Out of sight
Into the unknown of a wood
Into the future

(Ceres, South Africa,1991)

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