Dearest Eunice - Poem by Robert R. Railey

Dearest Eunice

Petals of delicate and fragrant flowers abound when feelings
The heartstrings of a beautiful woman whose wisdom may
Often confound
For the best kept notion is lovely when spoken but pen is
Sometimes sounder

The essence of beauty is something within you but your mind
Will never be known
Methinks your heartstrings may be full of love, but has yet, not
Fully been shown
But forevermore now, and wherever thy roam, you'll take my
Love to your home

To be a friend only, or questing tomfoolery, in love, as some
Souls have seen
The choice is not easy, it's difficult at best, and should passion come
Before dreams?
For passion may thwart, or hinder love's growth, and mar
What intentions may be

How wonderful though, the feelings are, when our love still
Continues to grow
But instead of winning, we insist on comparing, our heretofore
Life's experiences
Which sometimes may cause us to falter and stumble, ere we
Even dare to try?

If thy will so promise, to love only me, then I too will avow to
Be true
For my feelings for you have grown fonder with time, by day
And by night it seems
And as yet not physical, by any means, but only with visions
And dreams

Pray tell if thy will be open and truthful, if thy too imagine
And scheme?
Since a nuance is, and may so be called, a change from a friend
To a lover-
What wonders could, if one would then plead, to love thee
Anon and forever?

Too great a chance though, if left strictly to fate, then action
Must soon be endeavored
When said of the future, the best prediction is, not always what
The past has seen
For two kind hearts and sweet gentle souls can soothe us in
Ways yet untold

Let's talk gently then, of dreams and wishes, for today we may
Strive to be bold!
For love's fortunes fall, as years decline, as time and
Providence show
But one warm spot within my heart will be with thee only,

Or dost thy wish for friendship only, and not change to love
And grow?
For when our spirits pervade the universe, we then rue and
Regret our sins
Though while here on earth, alone and forlorn, he most
Heartily desires to win

The rose of his dreams, so near and yet far, he hopes soon to
Win her love
But what fools men are, to covet all they see, and then haps,
Fear that, it may never be
For if wishes and hopes alone won't suffice, then questions
Must be bluntly posed!

Perhaps a merger or union is needed: for only then will our
Two souls unite
"So why the delay, if I may be so bold? " He bespoke loudly!
"None that I see, " she answered blindly.
"Well, if there's no difference then what's wrong with Today?
He asked, pointedly!
"Oh I don't know, just quite what to say! Why don't you ask me
on another day; and besides, wouldn't I always then wonder,
just what's around the next corner? "
she said, with a frown on her brow.
"Well if we knew that then why would we go there? " he said
"For isn't the corner the mystic? "
"Oh please dear sir, don't speak of mysteries to me, " she
said, as she was preparing to leave.
"Ah yes! But you see, the answer is quite simple. Although
the logic may sometimes be baffling, and especially when it
comes to dreams, " he said loftily.

"Well then, kind sir, if you would so please, tell me just
exactly how does one know what the morrow will be?
She asked perplexedly.
"The wonder of morrow is best left to fate, especially when
we have so little to say about it, " he said with grandeur.
"They don't then, pray tell, actually try to pretend that
Nighttime is real and eternal, do they? " she asked quizzically
as if it were a paradox.
"Of course they do, but then sometimes, too, they must also
be a little optimistic", he said lightly.
"Do you then actually, mean say to me, that they're really just
living in limbo? " she asked demurely.
"Of course they are, my dear darling girl, or at least part of the
time, " he added, as if it was simple as sin!
"Well then if you please, just give me the warrant, the deed
and also the key. Then perhaps, I'll too feel sanguine, " she said
with her tongue in her cheek!
"I'll go you one better. I'll throw in faith too, for it's always
worked for me, " he said.

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