Tacky - Poem by Robert R. Railey

(That's just plain tacky, ma'am)

The worst thing in the world, for a man to see, is a woman that
Stands up to pee
The next worst thing is when they chaw and spit and don't
Even have to heave
The list is endless, when they're contrite, when unable to fell
A tree
For when a beauty cusses, it tops a man, since a man's impolite
But she gave us hope, when cigars she smoked, and then spat
The tip on the ground
There's a wish that she would wrestle a bear, and would on
A dare if one could be found
Baggy pants she'll wear, but when men are watching,
Her hands will go into her pockets
Which causes the rear to round; but never fear, her swagger
Will, hide even her lockets
She'll kick your butt, she'll stand toe to toe, she'll drink and
Swear with the best
She's daddy's little girl and a strongman's sweetheart,
She fills most of the bill

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