Your Poetic Nature - Poem by Phil Soar

The lines you wrote when we first met
The things you said in Rhyme
Were all so smart and full of life
I loved them at the time

But as we lived together
And the love began to fade
Your words turned to tourettes of sorts
Our story had been played

It was on that Sunday morning
When you cooked my bacon butty
I noticed all the emphasis
Was turning rather 'Nutty'

The rhymes began to fall apart
The stanzas got extensive
The words you used, were quite confused
And the language quite offensive

Our love affair had reached a point
Where I thought that I should go
So I packed my things and left the joint
And you didn't even know

I guess your rhymes have now returned
To a much more gentle state
I knew it was best I left the place
Before it was too late

So I hope that now your poetry
Has a much more fluid tone
And I'm glad that I have left you
And you're sitting there alone

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