What If And Plan B - Poem by Robert R. Railey

What If and Plan B

Decisions to make, two thousand a day, if one is wrong is
There another way?
And since we're not able to correct the past or the future, must we then accept the conclusions that we came to today?

To make our choices requires a definite plan to opt and then hope for
A better way
But before we choose to take that step, let's first weigh all of the
Other possibilities

The end will be what it will be, and if it's not right then we'll try
Plan B

What if, comes during the first assessment; but our first choice
May have erroneous beliefs

Plan B could be almost anything, a second choice, or any of the
Escapes and parachutes, or be what they may, might just save the
Day and set you free

The trick is to accept another way, which sometimes is easier
If not planned to such a degree

Oh for the days of adolescence, when all we worried about was what
To wear, and not of deportment!

For you see adulthood is fraught with many do's and don'ts; resolutions are
Critical and important too

The sages advise us to ponder our choices, but there's where
We sometimes flounder
At the end of the day, though, as some people do, just blame your
Adviser and give them the fault

However, a grown-up person must take the blame but we're
Only human is our last refrain

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