Loquacious - Poem by Robert R. Railey


When it comes to talking, none of the women I have ever known could have topped Sally Lou
It's not so much that she was vulgar or crass, but rather, she seemed to especially enjoy talking really loud and fast; and it also seemed as if she never came up for air
But there was something else about old Sally Lou that aggravated me even more, she was an incessant topper
And by that I mean, the exaggerations and stories that the average person might tell would only be counted as only small white lies when compared to Sally Lou's
For all throughout the day, and even part of the night, she could be quite vociferous: and she appeared to have no equal on earth; until, that is, when she finally met Old George for he was another that had a lot to say
Now I'm not saying that Old George and Sally tried to purposely outdo one another, but when you put the two of them together you just never knew where the conversation would end up
For if Old George were to ever catch a really big fish then Sally Lou would have to top him
And so for many a year the contest appeared as if it would drag on forever with one of them continually trying to outdo the other
Until finally one day, when the two of them just happened to be sitting in their favorite booth at the ice-cream parlor; and which unfortunately was my favorite one too
For it was in that very same booth that the marathon would finally come to a halt: and unbelievably so, it had to be adjudged a draw; for without an apparent winner in sight both sides had to admit that no one could ever win the contest outright

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