Varmint - Poem by Robert R. Railey


More often than not, we are prone to refer to certain troublesome animals as vermin: however, that definition could just as easily apply to some of the humans that we know; although personally, I believe that the word polecat befits them better and especially since their personalities seem to stink so badly
Then not so surprisingly, a person doesn't have to look very far to find a polecat for their numbers seem to be in the plenty
And to me, it matters not whether the vermin are presidents of large corporations or construction workers; and if hard pressed, most of us can name at least three polecats for as we all know, they are very easy to spot
They are also the ones that usually have the most to say: but in the long run, they really don't make any sense at all; and yet the degree of the damage that they do to the world is almost beyond repair

Poems by Robert R. Railey

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