Envy - Poem by Robert R. Railey


Even in the best of us, envy is alive and well: however, that one singular vice could actually end up being an asset, that is, if we're purposely driven to attain our goals; on the other hand, though, we tend to feel very badly when we fail
In reality, though, it's not so much that we're actually envious of what other people have, but rather, we'd really like to have more; and if we were to be completely honest with ourselves then we'd much rather prefer that they would fail
And yet, it seems that the true watershed mark of overcoming jealousy will come only after we've obtained everything we want
For as a rule, we may wish one for them, but then two for us; and not so surprisingly, that equation doesn't seem unfair to us
And since envy appears to stem from whom we think we are, rather than who we really are, we honestly believe that we deserve a bigger share; and to us, it seems only natural that we should be granted our entire lists of wants and wishes
You might also hear us say that those other people don't really deserve to be rich because if they had lots of money they would just most likely waste it by lollygagging away the whole long day at the beach
But if and when we ever win the lottery, you can be assured that we'll do something useful with our money; such as traipsing around the world to play
And don't you just know that when they have what we covet, you'll most likely hear us say that it would probably too much for those other people anyway
Just show me equal, all on the same level, and you'll see a struggle to gain one's comeuppance
And consequently, the worst part of envy is how it looks to others, for that's when they'll see how really small we can be; and unfortunately, the sin of envy might even cause us to loath our fellow beings
Then again, it's a well-known fact that we'll deny ever having been even a little envious of others and we'll continue to maintain that position in spite of the fact that this particularly evil and ominous thread runs throughout our souls; and this seems to be especially true on Sundays when we criticize each other's clothing
Nonetheless, when someone tells you that they're sincerely happy for your good fortune, then you just might want to take that complement with a grain of salt
Thankfully, though, our personal financial circumstances have now changed for the better; and not only have we just won the lottery but we've been raised up from the bottom of the heap; and so from now on we're going to us have a grand old time by trying to outdo just about everybody else
But even with our great riches in hand, is there a chance that we'll learn to be generous and high-minded or will we continue to be arrogant and ornery to the end?

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