A Little Doggie - Poem by Robert Murray Smith

There was a little doggie
called Bobby.

A little bouncing sausage

Made of love and kisses, he never

Brownish red, a blackish head
that never read fairy stories.

But was very fond of bones, that
he ate at home.

Playful as a kitten in winter
he wore mittens when it snowed.

In spring he sprung into action
to do anything.

In summer he went to the beach to
dog paddle.

In the fall he oughten, but fought a cat
at the back.

His bark was for a lark, to remind him
that he was fed.

A head for sausages was his downfall as
all sausage dogs, love them.

Bobby got fat by being lazy just looking
at daisies.

Then one sad day under the daisies he went.

Poems by Robert Murray Smith

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