The African Queen - Poem by Maliba Ramatlhape

In her quiet confidence she makes her presence felt, she is the epitome of gracefulness, her cocoa skin so rich and velvety, she is like a chocolate sculpture, an amazing work of African artistry

Her smile lights up the room, her gaze unwavering and inquisitive, as she searches for answers from those around her

Yet she seems preoccupied and out of place, she seems to have a lot on her mind, distracted as she looks at the sea of faces surrounding her

Is she aware of the power of her presence, of the admiring glances cast her way? Does she even comprehend the power of her beauty?

She smiles as her eyes find her partner across the room, connected to him as if by an invisible thread. She raises he glass to him and glides like a swan towards him.

November 2016

Poems by Maliba Ramatlhape

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