Kings In Rags, Queens In Rags - Poem by Dexsta Ray

Kings and queens in rags...
I'm a no show
Absent with the damage did
Slain in the
On the day my writtens gleamed
Your whole flow changed
What I conditioned, lyric schemes
Is sold your name
Which is distributed to beasts
It grows your bank
That which is meant for me
So thanks
But you sole hold claims
I pray though
People spinning out their tires while I'm sitting in traffic
Evil gets attached
To the castles built upon a fall...
Thunder bolts, and plywood
Haven't won at all
Many different gods, but One
I mean, just only ONE!
Crushed the wall, promptly, I call
I get an action back
Nature even fuss on behalf...
Can you imagine that?
And ain't a match, in fact
Fandoms ain't the holy sum
Taking from the poor
Picnic baskets, out of limits
Brackets, ain't about the gimmicks
Risk my whole life to get it back
On the run evils
Scared of shadows, holding bunches, arrows...
High offense, among the sparrows
Where I like to sit, barrels full of Bromine
Channels where the driest sip
I got the tiger's gift
They trying the be greatest man
Trying to steal my writing, flipped, and kill me if I take a stand
But I'm my Savior's friend
Enmity I don't mind
Witness all my weaknesses
Hanging on the clothes
And, for some, either way it go
That flow's mine, that goal's mine
Subject and approach, lingo, concepts,
All that gold mine!
Triple sixes field against me, but it won't fare
Hate to have to go there, I ain't going to fold
I put too much into my passion
Have a demon take it, I don't feed the hatred
I combat it with my mind
Time is patented but flows can't be
My tragic rags in this
As long as slander rations this
As babblers did
I'm in the game, but loathing souls can't see
Just how they did the thing
I scripting truth forevermore
Never caring if it's lame...
I'm aware of many
Don't declare the physic pair of warfare at me
'Cause I'm a kid of Weh', anymore tare I key
I rip and chew it up, the juice from all the beef
Like those flavored stick, delicious, famous
To the haters being degrading
But I'm with the Savior
And against the snaking satan
Out deceiving all the people...
Under rugs
Label hypocrite and call me evil
Just to muzzle love that I embrace
Though I fall in neither... Local mixed with global evils
I'm a lowly king
Persecutors watching harder than me for my
Lowly queen...
And trying to scold the dreams
But the schemes ain't throwing me
I seen the evil demons reading meaning to unspoken things
I got some angels...
And I stay behind His holy wings
And I see the devil trying to find me for my goldens, I'm the chosen
No more coming after me, I'm the end of this
And I ain't just consulting
We already have a spot in heaven
Tried to get away, but trouble told me
Peace is not the method
But I show and sow the contrary...
Some plot to live my life, disguising all the
Great things about me, trying to dim my light
And hiding all the saint ways with flout
So I live a plight...
Every time I mention demons
People sound harass
And for oppression
Many evils should be prosecuted
But some others slandered get more
Season on their situations
But I'm bland and fighting envy
The old fashion way
If you really choose to strive against me
You don't have the brain
Which is required for ascending from the traps and hate
If you choose the Lord,
Then you are with me... not the malice way
But what the Master say
Unlike all these false prophets
Talk, walk, talk, talk, walk, then off topic...
Kings and queens in rags are still the royal
If the lost the cross them...
For we stand for something different
In another picture
Not a product of the will of fools and who shunning wisdom...
'Cause in the end they'll be consumed
With their rubbish with them
Sulfur and the brimstone and fumes
And the constant tension...
I don't fear what man can do
God created all
Never does He sleep on our behalf
But He stays involved
Until the word curse effect is null in my life
I'll keep progressing
Satan need to get his mind right
Defeated me
Legions over hype the stuff
Sent to be a thistle
But my boots, it's crushed beneath
Like the devil or a snake

Praise the Lord of Abraham
No abomination is
Higher than God
Nor can God be out smarted by man
He gave man the knowledge he has

I grind from my own mind
I don't have to do such low things

Devalue and discredit me
In the first place, for what?
I don't even know such people
It's satan

You are a liar satan
Get behind me, in Jesus name

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