Conversation With Imagination - Poem by Laurie Van der Hart

Is there anybody in there? '
But nooooooo,
Maybe it's just air
Inside of my head
Where there really ought
To be some kind of thought
Is just a blank instead

'Hello, imagination...!
Do you still do any work?
Or did you leave with the migration?
Or do you just sit and shirk? '
Hey, I think I saw something twitch
A tiny spark whizzed by
I'm sure I heard a little sigh
Did I perhaps flip the switch?

'You can't put all the blame on me! '
the faintest voice replied
'I'm simply starving hungry,
It's up to you to provide
The food that brings me alive
And helps me to create
New worlds and initiate
Things that leap and lurch and dive.'

'I humbly apologise, ' I said
'That I let you run dry
Now I know why you seemed dead
From now on I will try
To open my eyes and discern
As the world turns around
Opportunities abound
To notice, think and learn.'

Now I'm full of determination
To be the stimulator
Of my own imagination
Which is the originator
Of pictures and rhymes and poetry
That are somehow fresh and new
And I hope this helps you too
To feed and foster your artistry

Poems by Laurie Van der Hart

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