O Democracy! Can You Hear? - Poem by Ramesh T A

Due to disturbances of govt. to all sections of people,
All start to think about the value of democracy now!
Democracy is supposed to be having choice for all
People to think, speak and do as all wish anywhere!

By sudden govt. measures by ordinance, all people's
Works are diverted to new situation's activity only for
Many days sans any respite or relief whatsoever as to
The promises preached by politicians putting all in soup!

People's rights, liberties and choice are narrowed down
By sudden measures making all beggars and fighters
On the street for quicker actions by govt. to normalcy
So that all can mind their works sans any interference!

It seems democracy is suitable only for people who shout,
Fight and go on strike in large numbers to make all things
Favourable for all ordinary people to lead a decent life in
A honest, sincere and gentle way possible forever sure!

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