Waking Kisses With Snuggles - Poem by Michael P. McParland

Finally fully awake now
and ready to rise in a few my sweet love
I want to be able to roll over and pull you in
so tight to me giving you kisses
so pure, loving, and truly sweet.
I want to share sweet sweet waking
kisses and snuggles with my only one
as I now fully awake and before I soon rise.
I want to give you sweet smiles
and see yours as well as I give you
deep passionate kisses and hold you as well.

Finally fully awake now and I am still
overflowing with so very many emotions
I just want us to softly talk
while we lay down snuggling in the dark.
Just keep each other warm on this
frigid morning where the weather is below zero
just feeling complete and safe with
our best friend sharing all
of ourselves as we talk, kiss,
and snuggle feeling ever so grateful to have
the true love so few find in this world.

So my dear sweet love as I have awakend
I want to and wish I could give you
sweet kisses with snuggles here in bed for awhile
and then as we sat back on the couch
on the rest of this quiet night feeling so happy.
God bless you my dear sweetie
I pray you are okay and will come back
to me so soon my sweet lady so we can spend
time kissing and snuggling while staying warm
and talking just sharing our lives through eternity my Angel.

Poems by Michael P. McParland

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