Hindered! - Poem by Edward Kofi Louis

Searching for the truth,
In the land;
War is not the answer! !
Peace is the way,
For love,
For joy!
With the hearts of the people,
In unity.

Illegal lust,
Self destruction! !
War is not the way;
We need peace than war.

Lovers' key;
Sitting here,
Sitting there,
Sphere! !
Come home;
For righteous works,
For peaceful words,
For joy! !
For unity,
Understanding the laws,
With righteous morals;
War is not the way.

Lovers's key,
The sight,
The insight,
Bright star! !
To do the right thing in life;
Than hatred and war.

We need peace than war,
Comforting everyone with righteous characters;
War is not the way!
True love,
Through endurance and the comforting of the soul;
Deed, indeed!
To all nations on the earth;
Negative acts and negative words do go deep! !
Tearing down the walls of peace,
Like the fire which burns the hand!
However, war is not the answer towards peace.

True love;
Here we are once again!
You and i,
On this earth,
With the lights of peace when the right thing is done;
But, with darkness in the name of hatred and war.

Poems by Edward Kofi Louis

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