A Scene From The Street - Poem by Priyaranjan Ojha

While returning from college
I stopped at the mob,
I saw a puppy
Yelling middle on the street,
With blood-drain from its head;
Overburdening the ambience
In pathetic groan.
There was no dearth of curious people.
But hardly anyone did anything!
Two other dogs were also there,
One guarding it and the other
Licking the warm sticky blood.
We remained effortless Spectators Only to observe it
dying slowly!
The movement of legs becoming slower,
The howling getting thiner
And ultimately the struggle ended
In front of so many eyes!
Why couldn't we do anything?
Is it only because that
The puppy was an animal and
We the man?
I heard people saying again and again
The biker was too reckless;
And he was of course, a man!
Amidst the crowd
Was present a conscious poet,
Doing nothing for the victim
But collecting food
For his poetry;
And of course, he was a man indeed!

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