Metamorphosis - Poem by Uma Sankar

Disintegration... I'm going through,
My limbs yesterday, torso today,
My head, may be tomorrow.
Painful, is it? You might ask,
Go through it! And you'll know.
I was young and green and gay,
Full of vigour, appetite, that day.
The chick tried to peck me out,
But how I eluded her! That day.
The swallow's attempt to swallow me,
And my hiding behind the leaf, so green!
Those afflictions, to undergo this?
If only I saw time's future kiss!
Metamorphosis, nature's law they say,
To transform -to charm, glow and shine?
Color, beauty, did I ask for it?
Wings to fly, did I beg for it?
Give me a life - a worm's full life,
And let me die - as ugly as I am!

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