The Lilt - Poem by Uma Sankar

Whist in my couch, I lay carefree
Floating Mind - wandering freely
Lilt - familiar for years, a nightingale!
Heard for long, over breeze and gale!
Long time ago when I was a babe
Three and quarter scores of years, precise,
I was seven and on my grandma's lap,
Heard it first, wide eyed with a clap!
My grandma caressing me had said,
It's a chick - calling out 'mama there? '
When I was seventeen I heard it still,
It was then melodic, carried through the wind-
Shamelessly fondling my sweetheart,
Tickling his forehead with rivulets of sweat!
Lilies blossomed, lilacs drooped,
Moon waxed, waned as days passed!
And the lilt still heard! Was it a simile?
A synonym of selfless, platonic love!
Years moved on as time wheel turned,
Do I notice a melancholic strain?
As I aged and greyed and wrinkled,
The lilt - was the saddest note I ever heard!
Resting on the couch in a carefree mood,
The lilt - it's feel perennial, celestial mystery?

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