Your High Morality Reaching Up To The Clouds - Poem by Luo Zhihai

Your High Morality Reaching up to the Clouds
(Two Pairs of Couplets●Fifteen Words of Quatrain)

Storm surges, pen shakes Kunlun Mountain, look towards the great river, heart pursues waves
Sun and moon shuttle back and forth, wave sword in galaxy, rowing in the blue sea, ambition chases waves
A sad music, look towards thousand mountains, take care of Shu World, a true love knot
Three cups of the drunk dream, rowing in ten thousands of water, your high morality reaching up to the clouds, hand in hand song

On April 21,2017, by Luo Zhihai, Poetry and Translation

◆ Chinese Text


日月穿梭,劍揮河漢,橫舟滄海志隨 波

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