So Innocent They Are - Poem by RAJAT GHOSH

If Yeats had witnessed his early childhood days
With his little Stella in 'among school children',
I, the common, eye the God's presence in them.
So innocent they are!

So carefully complex in mind are the modern men
Whose every step measures the depths of politics.
But look at them, no politics ever touches pure souls.
So innocent they are!

They also quarrel but never stop their play in the field;
They know, all are none but brothers or sisters or friends.
Happy they are all the time with gentle joyful lovely look.
So innocent they are!

So innocent they are!
And so, I fear of losing their innocence by the hands of Time.
O Time stop your clock and remain fixed for the little lambs.
Let you transform all adults into 'primary' boys and girls.
So innocent they are!


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