Prayers Of A Sinner - Poem by Ayush Chauhan

Open the secret windows
& Latch the doors
Move the white Mountains
And the dense sea shores,
Let me touch you, embrace you first
Bring you the madness, lust and thirst
I will be the Wolf
Howling in insignificant rhyme
You be the Princess
With me In the sexiest crime

Make love like My heart with blood
Open the gates for passion & flood
This Disciple needs your presence
Will Worship you with breathtaking essence
Be Closer than this air I Breathe
Be Ready for pillow talks after a tease
Be winter winds in my Desert
Feel the vibe deeper, underneath

Feel the Freshness in warmth
Of our clenched hands
New scent of your silent moans
A prayer for badlands
Beg for mercy, Passion within
& feel Goosebumps under your skin
Convince your desires to be with me
Or just shut up and dance in Glee
The Dance of souls, Dirty, Lovely
Stay a while and sing me your symphony

My hands Caressing your heaven
From nine to three till seven
Kiss me, bite me with your poison
Dig me deeper with my wicked tongue
Beg for more, for being fast and slow
Flapping my wings deep down low
Your shyness will vanish within a minutes
In Clouds of intimacy over these bedsheets
My thunder over your waterfall
Let me control heartbeats, I shall

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