Listen To The Unsaid - Poem by Esha Raazia

Listen to the eyes that speak
When the tongue wiggles in the locks

Listen to the melody that jingles
When tears walk down the lane
With a truckload of worries on their back

Listen to the cracking voice
That the melodies try to hide

Listen to the heartbeats as you glance in the eye
And lean closely to the burning flames
That illuminate the glass jar of the ribcage

Listen, while you ignore your own rhythm of breathing
Listen to the rolling of the lump in the throat
As you spare a moment from the humdrum of your life

Yes it takes, but a moment
To listen to all that has been left unsaid,
Yes it takes, but an ounce of patience
To listen to the sobs born each night,
Yes it takes, but a handful of care
To listen to the faint footsteps that dare reach you...

Poems by Esha Raazia

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